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Smart Management with EVolution™ Software

EVolution™ smart network software helps organizations manage EV charge stations based on your objectives such as the attraction of EV drivers, reduction of greenhouse gases, and optimization of energy costs and revenue.


The Evolution™ consolidated dashboard provides owners with quick views of revenue and real-time charge station status.

Reporting & Data Analytics

Evolution™ network software provides reports and analytics to track energy usage, charge history, costs, revenue, greenhouse gas reduction data, and more.

Integration of Demand-Side Assets

EVolution™ integrates with the OATI webSmartEnergy® portfolio to provide your electric utility with observability, aggregation, and demand management control capabilities.

Secure & Private Network

The EVolution™ smart charge station network software is hosted in the highly secure OATI Cloud. Built specifically for the rigors of the energy industry, the OATI Cloud Data Centers are supported by renewable energy resources.

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